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my soldering iron and solder wont work

my soldering iron and solder dont work they just dont stick if you get me it just turns in to a ball and makes a mess wont stick to the iron at all

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Take a look at this post http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1242 for a good overview of soldering. While you could be having some trouble with your soldering equipment or supplies, most likely it is your technique.

As amando96 says, if its oxidized try to sand it down. A good practice is to cover the iron tip with solder before you turn it off. (I always forget that part…)

You are not using rosin core solder. --Don't use the plumbing stuff, you need solder for electrical connections.

Is the tip oxidized and old?


Lead free solder is fine, never saw the problem with it.

Have you looked at some soldering tutorials on youtube?
Heat the part, and then apply solder. Are you using lead free solder, -that can be tricky.
Ps. constantly clean your iron.