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Poor Man's H-Bridge

So i've just started getting into electronics for the purposes of robots and the learning experience. 


Last night i manually built a H-Bridge using 4 transistors in a layout exactly like the one pictured here:



I then used the arduino to control the 4 transistors turning them on and off two at a time to redirect current through the motor different  directions.

I was just wondering what other things i should look out for in a real cicuit to do this, protection diodes ?


Any pointers etc. ?



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Cool, thanks for the link. Quite helpful circuit diagrams.

If you're running a small current motor, there are several transistor based h-bridges here:


Hard to beat a cheap driver like the L293D or 754410 though, less hassle.

you could take a look at the datasheets for the  l293d or the sn754410 h bridges..they are really cheap too!