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Other robot builder communities

When we started this LMR-thing, there where not really that many robot-builder communities. Now I see them pop up, I just discovered the one that I will post below as a comment to this.

Apparently LMR is still the worlds biggest of it's kind, according to different websites that compare traffic, google-ranking etc.

So, I think it is in place to spread a little of our love, get the other guys some visits!

Please write links, comments(if you have any) about the worlds other online robot builder communities below - let us visit them, say hi, get inspired, and inspire them :)

(Oh, and this is another good reason for writing lmr-address in the videos, so they can find us - there are still many out there who have never heard about LMR!)

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Thanks to Ro-Bot-X, I just discovered this one: http://www.rugcommunity.org/

They apparently strive to make IRL groups, interesting, pay them a visit :)


http://ro-botics.freeforums.eu this is a new forum, from romania, made by me but I don't really have visitors and it is in romanian :D

 This one's just getting started: http://www.ANTlabs.webs.com/

societyofrobots.com Lots of information here.

The site bildr.org would not let me join. It asked for an "Invite Code" in order to join. I could not find how to get one but Google came to the rescue! I found one "bildrInvite76f3" that allowed me to join the site.

There is www.robots.ie