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Other robot builder communities

When we started this LMR-thing, there where not really that many robot-builder communities. Now I see them pop up, I just discovered the one that I will post below as a comment to this.

Apparently LMR is still the worlds biggest of it's kind, according to different websites that compare traffic, google-ranking etc.

So, I think it is in place to spread a little of our love, get the other guys some visits!

Please write links, comments(if you have any) about the worlds other online robot builder communities below - let us visit them, say hi, get inspired, and inspire them :)

(Oh, and this is another good reason for writing lmr-address in the videos, so they can find us - there are still many out there who have never heard about LMR!)

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There is www.robots.ie 

The site bildr.org would not let me join. It asked for an "Invite Code" in order to join. I could not find how to get one but Google came to the rescue! I found one "bildrInvite76f3" that allowed me to join the site.

societyofrobots.com Lots of information here.

When I first joined LMR I also tried to join society of robots. At the time I could not post any robots on the site. I could only talk in the forums. There was some reason about blocking spammers but between that and all the adds I lost interest very quickly. I found LMR to be far more open and user friendly. I have never looked at their site since so maybe they have improved.

Well, I'm an older member on SoR than on LMR. Funny, I tried to register on LMR but did not got the approval email for months, even after numerous  retries. Finally, after more than a year, I tried again using a different email address (the first it kept saying it's already registered but could not log in) and here I am. Happy to be able to make Robot pages, Blogs, Tips and more.

So, on SoR, there are 2 ways to present your robot. One is to make a Forum post like this:


and the second is to make a tutorial, like this:


It's good to be on both sites, as sometimes things get asked and answered faster on one site than the other.

SoR has tons of tutorials for the beginners, but most importantly, the $50 robot tutorial, that is a simple robot people can build from scratch (read cardboard wheels, prototyping board, hardware programmer...) that is more challenging to build than the Start Here robot, but there are a lot of people that built their version of the $50 robot that looks professional.

Also, there is the Tutorial Contest twice a year where usually you need to build a robot, write a tutorial about it on SoR and enter it in the contest to win a Axon (now Axon II) microcontroller. There are 2 prizes, one for the tutorial that the people voted the most and one chosen by the Admin. I wonned second prize 2 times, once before the Axon was offered as a prize (I got $100) and second time I got the microcontroller.

Another very important thing that happens on SoR is the Freeware WebbotLib, Project Designer and Gait Designer, all made by Webbot. If you use a robotic controller like the Axon, the Roboduino, the Orangutang or a custom made one, you can drag and drop sensors and actuators in Project Designer on your board and it will generate all the hardware related code for you. All you need to do is start a new project in AVR Studio, import the generated code and add your logic. If you are working with a hexapod or biped, you can use the Gait Designer, pose your robot, record the positions, playback, then generate the code for all your moves and add your logic. Oh, did I mention it auto interpolates the moves? The only catch is you need to use a ATmega microcontroller, no PICs.

I think SoR is a bit older than LMR (quote from Admin: "SoR was born on June 3rd, 2005") and it reached 16 million views in June 2010. A pretty important site to check out.

 This one's just getting started: http://www.ANTlabs.webs.com/

http://ro-botics.freeforums.eu this is a new forum, from romania, made by me but I don't really have visitors and it is in romanian :D