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Remote Controlled Robotic Arm

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This is a project I did over the summer. I made a robotic arm that is contolled with a 1:1 controller.
The robotic arm is basically 4 standard servos and three micro servos. All the mounting parts and
turn-table is from lynxmotion. The other parts are made from cut pieces of polycarbonate and PVC angles.
The microcontroller is an Arduino. I used the Ardweeny from Solarbotics. There is some electrical and
duct tape on it since the cut polycarbonate has sharp edges.

The controller is made of PVC angles and potentiometers. I made the controller like a 1:1 model of the
robot arm. The joints are potentiometers. I used servo cables to connect the potentiometers to the

The microcontroller would read the potentiometers and control each servo. The controller has really
fine control, but the potentiometers are not perfectly linear. I had to calibrate the potentiometers
in the programming.


I added the circuit diagram and the claw design. I am going to change the remote design and change the potentiometers since the ones I used before were not very linear. I will post the arduino code once I finish the new remote.

Update 2:

I added the arduino sketches of the project and a new remote design that can be edited in Inkscape. I updated the parts list with the new potentiometers for the new remote. I got the design laser cutted by Ponoko.com. I can't make step by step instructions, but most of the stuff can be bought from RobotShop.com. There are claws and many other stuff for the robot arm from lynxmotion. The remote1.pde is the main sketch, but it needs some parameters that you get by using sense.pde. The comments in the code will help you figure out how to use it.

Update 3:

I thought I posted the code in the last update, but I guess I did not. So here is the code and the remote design.

Update 4:

Go to http://www.lynxmotion.com for some complete robot arm kits. 


Main Parts List

3x  Hitec HS-322HD servos

1x  Hitec HS-485HB servo

2x  3x  TowerPro SG90 servos

1x  Ardweeny from solarbotics

3x  Lynxmotion Pan and Tilt Kit / Aluminium (No Servos)

1x  Lynxmotion Base Rotate Kit

1x  Polycarbonate Sheet

4x  Potentiometers

4x  Potentiometers

4x  Knobs for potentiometers



New Remote


Circuit Diagram


Claw Design



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Nice project! You could put a eeprom to it so that you could record different moves, like stirring coffee.