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Questions about SD21 and xBee modules

My parts arrived today, but I cannot find any useful information how to connect them.
So, once again I am asking LMR to help me :)

The questions are:

1. How do I connect SD21 to my Picaxe28x1 chip? I guess using these, not sure though, that's why I am asking.

2. Do I need a second power supply for the SD21?

3. Do I still have to change the baud rates, invert signals, drop the voltage to 3v, or do anything similar for the xBee modules, if I am using Adafruit Adapter ? (The Picaxe side)

4. For the pc side I will be using xBee Explorer USB from SparkFun. Do any of the above apply as well?

Thank you :)

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I don’t know what you are building and why you have to use a PICAXE28x1 chip. If you could get your program inside the  PICAXE18 (M2?) you could plug it straight into the SD21 board itself and leave the UART free for the XBee.

Well I do not have a picaxe18 chip, just the picaxe28x1 project board. I could, of course, order the chip, but is it really necessary? Aren't there any other options?

Not having read about the SD21 it seems that the board is set up for the PICAXE 18 and uses I2C to communicate with the servos. If your planning on using a 28x1 chip you have to make some sort of breakout board for it and have some sort of headers going into the picaxe 18 socket on the SD21.
I would recommend you buy a PICAXE18 and save yourself a lot of trouble and headache

I just found this forum topic. But I am unable to register to the forum, thus I cannot see the pictures posted on this post, but it seems they've figured my problem out.

That’s good.
Personally, I would rather spend £2.0 for a PICAXE 18M2 and save me the hassle.