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RoboProgrammer - Automated AVR (or PIC etc) programmer

It automatically programs a bunch of uControllers based on a firmware "playlist" created on PC


Well, recently, I needed to have a bunch of AVRs programmed... A big bunch... And as I am really bored on repeated procedures I decided to make a robot to do this for me. You can see the outcome on the video.


I used an Arduino Duemilanove as the programmer (ArduinoISP) and a GRoboduino as the controller. I also wrote a C# program on PC to control the firmware "playlist".




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I hope I am not breaking any rules on my first post.

I saw this and immediately thought of hackaday. I sent the link to this page to their tipline and they posted it yesterday.

Well, thank you! I appreciate it! And I do not think you are breaking any rules ;-)

I’ll bet that it took longer to build this equipment then it would have taken to program the AVR’s manually, -but this is way cooler.

Well, you are absolutely right, but I enjoyed it and in the next bunch of uControllers I will get even. I will win back the lost time!

Very nice job.