Let's Make Robots!

"My next project", by "fritsl"

.. And now I´d wish I could write something exciting and groundbreaking :D

The last couple of days I, and my creation "Yellow Drum Machine" has had our 15 minutes of fame;

One week ago, a google-search on "Yellow Drum Machine" returned nothing, nil, zero!

Try it now "On the cover of every magazine" as they say. That thing somehow just hit a nerve in some people.

And now a new weekend is coming up, and I am lookng forward to hopefully get the time to build a follow up.

But 100.000 people watching the last project (I released 3 versions of the video, and they where at a point number 1, 3, and 6 most viewed videos on google / last 48 hours) kind of puts a pressure on a little amateur robot builder :D


So I thought I would share the thoughts with you. What to build next, I will write ideas here as I get time, hopefully the list with end up with the "Yes- I am going to do that one" :)


  • 2 robots with only purpose is to A) track the other down, and B) Turn the other one on, and C) get away and turn itself off at some hidden spot

  • Robots that move around on a board, and I can play board-games with them somehow, and they try to cheat

  • Robots that plays "chess" with each other

  • Robots that build stuf, I get to destroy, they build up again and again and..

  • Robots who show excelent timing-skills.. arh.. too hard to explain, I know what I mean ;)

  • Well.. of course; robots that dance or play other music to the beat of Yellow Drum Machine.

  • Wow - this one I like, but I cannot make it; Robots that drive or walk around, and suddenly.. fall completely apart.. "Explode" apart if possible.. Strings and cablehold the pieces together, though, and motors pull them back together. Imagine some "car" driving around, perhaps even makes a jump on a ramp, and i n mid air just disintegrates :D or some walker that walks around erected, sees a cat, and just collapses into pieces :D And then when he got himself together, perhaps the head was a liiitle out of place etc. That could be fun. Only the strings would tangle all the time!

  • Grafitti-robots, that drove around and drew little smilies everywhere on every fence.

  • I would love to make a singingrobot with some really stupid voice made by mechanics.. But that does not make it autonomous or a fun robot, that is just a singing aparatus.

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I always wanted to make rock-em sock-em robots. 2 robots that threw and evaded "punches" from the other robot. When a target was hit the robot that got hit spun around and ran away for 5 seconds while the other robot stayed still. Then the battle began again. Also add a counter with a LCD screen showing the score. First one to 9 points wins.


Now go build it Frits!

Sound cool cant wait to see it. =)

Thanks for your vote(s) :)

I think that the hide and seek would be to "inverted", just me playing with my robots, after all. I think all the work would not return the value, so to speak. But cool & fun inputs, I am glad that you are inspired!! 


Regarding the following dance-troup; Yes, totally, I got you :) Again cool to see how you have imagined stuff, I think you could build reat robots yourself!

Personally I suffer from some sort of "creator-spasm"; I hate to do follow up's, I must invent something new all the time. "just making a dancing troup" wold kill me, it would resemble work, you kno0w ;9 I must make something new now, YDM: Been there, done that!


I just had the idea of making some sort of a "tractor". In the place where a person normally would site (if it where life-size), there should just be like 4 big buttons: Forward, Left, Right, Reverse.

Then I would build a robot that could drive around the tractor, get up in it, and in front of it, it should have 4 little "fingers" or "tentacles". With it's own "eyes" there from the top of the tractor, it should then look around, and well.. start driving the tractor :D

But I can´t bother :D Would be fun though! A robot actually getting into a vehichle and driving it, no cables attached! 

/ Frits 

If you're trying to find another fun robot in the same vein as YDM, I think your first suggestion is the best:  'Hide'n'Seek Robot'. 

Would it be possible to make it so that somebody could also play hide'n'seek with the robots, making them more interactive, perhaps you could develop something you can wear on your foot, and one robot tries to track you down, then, once it find you, you have to wait a certain amount of time before going to find them.  If you don't want to play, you don't wear the sock.  There doesn't just have to be two robots, there could be as many robots as you can afford, imagine 10 robots roaming around your ground floor.  That'd be fun, and quite surprising.  They could also have some sort of self-charging station that they go to when they're running low in power, that way they could keep on playing hide'n'seek forever.


With regards to developing some friends for YDM, I can envisage a group of smaller robots that have just two tasks: one is to follow YDM, like a small flock of ducklings following their mother.  The other is: when YDM starts to make music, they all start to dance.  You could programme each one to have its own unique style of dancing.  As these robots have the potential of being fairly simple projects, perhaps you could start another new contest to see who can design the most effective follower/dancer, setting a size limit, and specifying what would be the means to get them to follow YDM, ie, by attaching a light source to YDM perhaps, then each design would just have to be a light source follower with their own unique dance.  The community could vote based on the robot's following effectiveness, and quality of dance.


I also like the graffitti robots, although they would get stolen! :o( 

Sounds really awesome, i never really thought of having two of them being autonomous from each other and interacting with each other.... I was thinking of one controlling the other... But this sounds really awesome, cant wait to see what you come up with.  Im going to order my picaxe tonite.  Last nite i bought some materials to build with...  Hopefully within a weeks time, i will have at least a rough outline of whats going on for me :-D

Hey - can´t wait to see what you think of making robots :)

/ Frits