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Little Concerned with the Show Tomorrow. 9.3.10

Hey guys,

I just shot an skype message to rik saying the same but I am a little worried about the show. Actually, I am a little worried about my house. Hurricane Earl is on his way up here and seems to not be loosing strength like we thought it would. What was first a prediction of 40MPH winds has been upgraded to 75+ MPH winds. To cut to the chase, this is sorta serious. Now, I'm an ol' Kansas boy so this is just a wet tornado to me, but folks around here remember Bob and assure me this is nothing to underestimate.

I am in contact with rik and we will see what we can do. The first issue is of course, if I have an internet connection. Living out in the middle of the ocean, we are used to loosing power and comm. lines but they have always been small, isolated issues. With 75+MPH winds, these things stop being isolated and beging being "screw us all for days". If for some reason, the internet tubes survive, we will surely loose power. I am prepared for this in the form of 2 deep-cycle car batteries and a generator but with no power, there is no gas so we will have to conserve the gas we have to run the fridge and on-line streaming video shows my fall by the way-side. On the other hand, at 50 mph winds, they shut down the bridges so at that point we will be stuck here and bored so really it might actually be the best time to do a show!

I am watching all the forcasts and hoping for the best here and really, at this point, we just don't know exactly when and how bad. I just wanted to give you all a heads-up in case the sky does actually fall and there is no show.

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Ive had my fair share of hurricanes come through Florida, but none that were serious. Heck we have had days off of school because a hurricane was coming, but that day turns out to be a sunny perfect day. So hope for the best.

That's no joke. Earlier, that storm hit one Dutch Antille. Nobody got hurt, but they did shut down for the day. I never expected that kind of weather to hit your coast. Or our vidcast!

Be safe. Be safe. Be safe.

Leave the fun making to us. I will put a big ventilator on in my studio - just out of sympathy!
OH right, we will be making fun of you, off course.

Be safe.

So much comedic material in other people's bad fortune. Check out Stormpulse (great interactive map, remember Chris is on Cape Cod):

Storm Names for 2010: Alex, Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, Igor, Julia, Karl, Lisa, Matthew, Nicole, Otto, Paula, Richard, Shary, Tomas, Virginie, Walter