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ustream-> Arduino. For My Chess Robot

Ok so the idea is to have live chess matches using Ustream and my chess robot on the front page of LMR. So i understand i need a IRC client and stuff. I have already made a bot and have it linked up to my Ustream. I need serial data from the commands that are typed into ustream from LMR members, like b8->b9, to go to my Arduino so the chess robot can move the piece. I have never written a computer program in my life and i dont know where to start or what to use. Please help so frits will stop bugging me. :)

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We should go online first! Front page!

Is the live stream up yet? Is the IRC channel public? Great job by the way.

Uh yeah Pat,

I would love to see a walk through on this one.

It would be awesome. Good job on this one!

Patrick, I discovered how to overcome the problem that guests need to log in before they are allowed to write anything in the channel. You must remove the mode-flag "moderated" from the channel. Only the "broadcaster" (or in IRC lingo "channel operator") can do that. That means you.

Here's how to do that.
From the ustream show page: write "/mode #patrickmccb -m"
From Mirc: write "/mode #patrickmccb -m"
From your perl script: send a string to server "MODE #patrickmccb -m"
using the perl command: print $sock "string";

The wisdom is sourced in this RFC 1459.

They should have used your robot for this patrickmcabe


That would have been cool :).

Just a little update. I hope to get it up and running this weekend, but no promises. 

I have been working on getting the Perl script to do more of the work that the chess bot code would have to do instead. So now the perl script sends the chess bot the exacte numbers that will be inputed into the gantry crane moving functions to move the crane to the correct position, move the piece, and return to the start position (a8). I wrote this today and will be testing and debugging tomorrow. Once it can move pieces fine, and i get the "killing" function in the perl script too, then it will go live. After that it would be a matter of adding to the perl script so i can control who is playing chess, remove players, add players, etc. 

Oh and i will have to write a short post on the operation of the internet bot.