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Sicilian Robot "Jaffiu u cuttu"

Navigate around and...

this is a simply sicilian robot what: Navigate around via infrared and solar panels, lighting with lamp when it's dark, send image from motorized wireless camera, charge battery from solar panel.It's autonomou or, if you want, controlled by remote control wired. Solar panel provides just 6V and 50mA. Banaly, if you want to charge four 1.2V and 500mAh batteries (for example AA Ni-MH) it takes 10hours to finish complitely the re-charge.

It uses:

1 Sharp InfraRed Sensor

3 PIC: 2x 12F675 and 1x 16F84 microcontroller Microchip

2 IC L293D

1 tamiya dual motor gearbox

1 pin-hole camera (from china :))

1  servomotor for camera

1 solar cell (very very small) to "read" the amount of light and possibly turn on one lamp

2 front red leds



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Nice looking bot.

I was planning to do a track configuration very much like this myself. Also the solar cells add alot to the appearence, cool.

I'm thinking the target env might not be indoor.....at least with solar cells....
OK please don't delete this one this time.  I would really like some more information on this bot.  I like the whole "charge from a solar panel" idea and would like to know what kind of battery you are using and how you manage to achieve enough amperage to charge it with just one solar panel.  Also, where'd you get that solar panel?

There was an Ebay seller that has little BEAM robots with similar panels. I followed a link back to find this :


The Ebay seller is here :


Haven't bought there, but good ratings.

I have a couple of the 3 volt (half width) versions of these that I bought at RadioShack about 6 years ago, but they dont seem to have them on their website now.

ok, listen me, I made this robot 4 years ago, then I don't remember very good specification about all comoponents, hovewer, I do NOT manage the charge, just it charges four 1,2V rechargeable batteries. This panel provides just 6V and 50mA.Banaly, if you want to charge four 1.2V and 500mAh batteries, it takes 10hours to finish complitely the re-charge.

Link at website:



bye from sicily!


p.s. sorry for my bad english...