Let's Make Robots!

Backlight LCD's Black on green 16 x 1 (14pin with 2 sepearte for the backlight)

I have found a place that sold these and I got 12 of them.

I have spent the time interfacing them to the Adruino board and mapping out what it takes to drive them.

For some reason these are hard wired for 8 data only.(sorry no 4 pin input)

However they work well. To display text on all 16 locations is tricky as you have to tell it to jump to another DDRam location.

I will see about getting an image of the device very soon.

I had hoped to trade a few of them for other things I could use as I am not new to electronics but I am new to the microcontroller programming.

If anyone does trade then I will also give them the code I used to get it to work.