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RC plane Project Part 10 - Wii-Nunchuk Experiment www.letsmakerobots.com (Gareth)

RC plane Project Part 10 - Wii-Nunchuk Experiment

NonStream Wii_Nunchuk Experiment

With all the recent talk with regards to the Wii_Nunchuk ..... and somewhere in a post someone dared me to attach a Wii-Nunchuk to Depron, i thought that at least i should give it a whirl to see how it felt.

Findings :-

I know that its still in "Dry-Hanger" at the moment but from my feelings the Nunchuck would only be of any use for the Ailerons.

Trying to control everthing with one 2D hand controller i feel would be a bit much, you would need a panic button to hand back control to the normal joystick.

However it would be any easy job to interface this into my RC unit.............(switchable of course)


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i dare you to attach a wii nunchuk to a remote controll boat


bananas's picture

fly it already. im waiting

DutchBot's picture

Come on Gareth, fly the thing. I can't wait anymore :)

Gareth's picture

Still awaiting an XBee package from the RedBox People (Grrrrrr)..... somewhere its in the air over the Atlantic......... So close to finishing .

tom_jones's picture

would the motion plus work with your depron project.

i remember one of your much earlier posts showing servos controlled by it so it could be possible.

any way kudos on the use of a nun chuck for the depron project

Gareth's picture

Yes for sure the Wii motionplus would work........

....but first i have to get it airbourne.....

... one idea with the wii motionplus is to use it as a stabaliser on the ailerons, ie just before a loop press a button that brings in the keep wings level routine (controlled by motionplus) ... giving a perfect wing level loop......

..more complex would be barrel roll ..

....all theoretical i know...

... i see the wii plus more on the plane and switchable rather than local on the tx unit.