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Robot Slave Project is this feasible?

We are planning to make a Slave robot wherein a user will carry a transmitter and the robot with an embedded receiver will follow him around carrying his baggage(15-20kg).

An IR transmitter in the user side will broadcast and a receiver embedded in the robot will receive the broadcast in order to determine the location of the user.

A fixed distance of 1-1.5m should be maintained between the user and the machine. In order to prevent the machine from bumping the user.

The robot will also have Collision Avoidance in order to prevent it from bumping obstacles.


We will be using 2 IR beacons (one as a transmitter and the other as a receiver)*

It will be powered by two DC motors (left-right) w/ motor control.* (not sure what motor)

Ultra-sonic sensors will be used for Collision avoidance.*

A sensor will also be used in order to maintain a fixed distance b/w the user and robot. * ( not sure what sensor)

The movement of the motors will be influenced by the output of the IR beacons and sensors.


That is our Abstract. I'm not really sure if it's feasible. I want to ask for opinions about our project.
Please correct me if there is something wrong with our abstract.

Is this project feasible? any comments on our project?

Thank you

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Not only feasible but its already been done http://letsmakerobots.com/node/7025


Thanks for the vote of confidence Patrick but TOBI's "Follow Me" mode has been under devlopement for a while and is still not working yet.

thank you very much for the reply.

do you know a link where I can study about IR as a rangefinder and beacon?