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Mystery Secret - Late Summer Object Quiz

Here is a Late Summer Mystery Secret for you to ponder over.

Any Guesses however obscure welcome.

So what is it ?

How can it be used ?

Can any "Metal Can" transistor be used (this is a very important Question) ?

Which famous Film is the music at the end from ?

And why did i not i think of this before ?

(nonstream) What is it :- Transister 1 guess what it is More information :- Transistor 2 Decapitation Solution :- Transistor 3 Solution

RULES :- Owner of this site cant enter the Quiz

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As most phototransistors are sensitive to IR light have you tested it to see what frequencies it is most sensitive to? If it is more sensitive to the visible spectrum then it might be a good replacement for LDR's which have a slow response time.

If it is better at UV then maybe you can make a sensor to tell you when you are likely to get sunburnt.

...and glue it in there... ...becomes a [transpondant] [transparent] [trans-bonded] something...


Sounded like transbombed to me..........

so, would this offer any benifits over a commercial phototransistor?

As far as i know most small metal canned transistors have this attribute.

It just means that you could maybe choose the type of gain you require - maybe it gives a wider field of possibilities, not only in specs but also in physical size.

Does it peer into your soul ? I heard the NPNs can do that. 

Feels like i should be inserting NPN transistors into my ears - .........just to check the dark current ........ not my thoughts might i add

Metal can = good heat transfer

Lens = make heat

That's all I got

The only time it gets hot is when the dremel sticks in one part.....

..... but your guess would be material for another mystery project i would rekon........

supposedly are light sensitive. I learned this as a lad, from a book, made of paper. It even told me which junction inside you need to expose by scraping the black outer layer off of a TO92 package. I still have this book as a childhood memento. Only paper will survive that long.

So, what does it say?

The light should be directed on the emitter of the PNP transistor. The lens is mentioned. Collector is unused. The light source used is fed with 50 Hz AC, so that the high Z head phones will pick up the amplified signal while the operator aims the light bundle at the exact right spot inside the package.

Now my guess is that Gareth's last name is in fact Vandersluys and already knows all this. Regards to Alfed