Let's Make Robots!

turbot v1 & v2

light seeking,chaos,basking,move over Obstacle
turbot2-head.jpg59.47 KB
turbot2-side.jpg65.17 KB
turbot2-0.jpg99.78 KB

the turbot v2 is heavy duty building.it has a name,WANG.

the vidoe show WANG's moving under sun and under manmade light.





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i see that you post your turbot,its so cool

the first turbot is so cool and compact

Very unusual bot. What's the IC chip in the center of the board? How is it programmed?

It's probably the popular 74HC240, a common buffer/inverter IC. The IC isn't 'programmed' as such - the wiring and components used dictate the robot's behaviour.

Google around for BEAM robotics and you'll get the idea =)