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Webbotlib, the next stepping stone after Arduino

A more powerful and versatile AVR library
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Hey guys,

I wanted to bring a video tutorial I created to the attention of LMR. The video is a walkthrough on how to use a software tool to setup a project using Webbotlib on a Axon microcontroller.

For those of you not familiar with Webbotlib, it is a new library for AVR microntrollers with a new approach to programming. It contains a vast repository of 'drivers' for various pieces of hardware. Think of it this way, when you install a new sound card into your computer, you don't have to program the low level interface to the hardware, that is taken care of through drivers. Instead, you just tell windows to make a sound, and it uses the hardware drivers to make a sound.

This is how Webbotlib works. After setting up the 'drivers', all your hardware is very easy to access. To read your I2C compass, you call compassRead(). If you end up changing out what compass you use, you don't have to change your code! Just change the driver running the compass.

The tutorial below is for a tool called Project Designer that is an easy to use GUI tool that will let you pick out what hardware you want to use, setup all the drivers for you, and get you up and running in WinAVR within minutes. It even genertates example code to show you how to use your hardware.

The library and project design can be adaped for any AVR microprocessor board with at least an atmega 168. It already natively supports boards like the Axon, Roboduino, and Orangutang.

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Sure, I'd love to. I was proposed to teach some kids about robotics and I've designed a simple Arduino shield called the Robot Builder's Shield, so I can do that by following the Boe-Bot manual, adapted to Arduino combined with the examples found in the Complete Beginner's Guide to Arduino. So I think what you're doing is probably the next step? We'll see.

windows only :-(

A real shame the axon isn't open source too...

It seems you did not click on the WebbotLib link. If you go there and read about it you will see that it works Windows/Mac/Linux. WebbotLib is a C library that you can use it in AVR Studio, Eclipse, etc. The Designers are in Java, all yoou need is the Java runtime installed on your machine.

And the Axon has the schematic and PCB layout on it's page. I know a few people that built their own version of the Axon and one of them installed the Arduino Mega bootloader in his version so he can program it in Arduino. I can provide links if you cant find it using the Search box in the SoR forum.

I was referring to the bootloader

"bootloader is not directly Linux/Mac compatible"

and I can't find any source code, but maybe I just didn't look hard enough?

I only use Linux, and I use eclipse and code:blocks for programming. The project and board designers work fine with Java installed.