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Remote control panel with video in Processing

I need to make a RC panel in Processing that will communicate with an Arduino robot through a xBee link. The robot will also have a wireless micro video camera, surveillance type, that will get received and fed through a USB video capture adapter. I need to display the video in the same panel. The panel will have buttons for commands and a text area to display sensor values.

I am new to Processing, can anyone point me in the right direction how to implement the requirements for this project?


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To get processing communicate(and send what ever you want to send) with arduino you only have to send your data through the serial port ,its the same thing as if you haved plugged in your arduino a usb cable and then to your pc.

There is a library that it is called serial to do this with processing ,



To make the buttons with the easiest  way you only have to use the library controlP5,

it has functions for button,sliders,text areas  ,etc.



to display in your panel what your camera sees you can use JMyron library or openCV,

but i haven't tested them with a wirelless camera .(personally i use JMyron)





 this might help you

If you dont understand something of what i said please tell me.

Thank you, I'll do my homework and get back with more questions.