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Meet LMR friends IRL

Over times there has been a lot of people wanting to meet up IRL. And there has been a few occations, and it has allways been fcking great times! Seriously! Days to remember, making good friends.

There is something REALLY cool about meeting for a beer, it is always worth it.

If only we did not live so far apart..

Unless some miracle happens, it is hard to arrange LMR-only-happenings cross globe. No matter how many members we are, a meeting can only attract that many people, and it will be hard to get togehter from several continents.

So.. Eiither you arrange an event like hire a ski-resort-hut, that a lot of people can go to (Like the US LMR Ski-tour 2011?), or write a link to someone elses big arrangement, that we then can sign up for (like a big exebition or something)

And it all goes on below this word: