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Anyone know of an LMR starter equivalent available in the UK?

Hi folks.

After reading around the LMR site and forums, I'm very interested in joining in the fun with robotics, but I'm having a problem sourcing the parts in the UK.

The biggest "problem" is that it's going to be a birthday present from my wife, and she wants to sort out the actual ordering and whatnot. I know that Solarbotics will ship it just fine, and really the amount of time it takes isn't a big issue; it's the cost of shipping etc (because the next problem is our limited budget).

I tried visiting several robotics parts websites, but it would mean ordering some bits from here, some from there, another from yonder etc etc, which I'd really really like to avoid. Also, I really would need everything on that list; I don't have any "spares" or even the double sided tape :-/

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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The The original instructions had links to where you can find the stuff.

But I tell you; I think the package is the cheapest way in total costs, also from the UK. Plus you get the stickers ;) And you are sure you have it all, do not have to pay several times shipping etc.

Best of luck :)

I believe you can get the PICAXE controller for the starter robot here: www.rev-ed.co.uk. Active-robotics.com (UK) and robotbits.co.uk has a lot of parts you could use for wheels, etc. Servos should be pretty easy to come by from UK shops that sell radio control aircraft. Buying here and there may be cheaper, especially if you can buy from local retailers. For me, I use E-Bay as my source for used, working servos that are pretty inexpensive. I don't feel too bad about hacking those for continuous rotation.