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Holder & charger for mobile LiPo batteries (Open letter to Jack / DAGU)

Since I had good luck last time (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/7046) - I will try again.

This time, it is batteries.

As I was just talking with Gareth about, it is a shame that all the used mobile phones get thrown away, with nice LiPo batteries, even chargers.

And you can get really cheap LiPo's if you get some that should be sold as spare batteries to common cel phone types, or outdated models.

What I would like, would be a HOLDER and second a CHARGER. This would open a world for us!



Biggest problem is using these batteries are to make sure that you get a good connection out to your circuit - and specially if you want to stack 2 batteries.

I am very sure that a universal holder / one that would cover major brands or could be adjusted, would be a huge selling hit; The easiest way in the world to get all the LiPo action that you would ever need. Make sure this holder is light weight, could even just be a clip to connect.


CHARGER (and discharging circui?):

Charging LiPo's are scary. And I am not sure if it can start fires to hook up a motor to a battery that was designed to last for a week with low usage. So, I would also like to be able to purchase what ever (possibly) needed to be able to use the battery without causing too much dangerous stuff. And as a pure luxury, it would be cool if the clip could be hooked up with a charger, so one would not have to move the battery from the robot, to be charged by the phone. In the event that one only has the battery, not the phone, this would be really nice.


So, all you clever people :) Can we design such a clip/holder, can the electronics be done?

Let's build, gentlemen :)

All inputs below, thanks.

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I need that smart little piece of plastic with wires that just clips it on, hooks it up!