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FEZ Panda

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FEZ Panda on sale $19.95

Having had the pleasure of working with the FEZ Domino for a couple of weeks and absolutely loving the board, I would like to tip you guys about the release of its little brother, the FEZ Panda.
If you don’t know about the FEZ Panda, here are some highlights

  • Same form factor as the Arduino Duemilanove and can use many of the same shields
  • 60 IO pins
  • 4 TTL UARTs
  • User flash 148Kb
  • User RAM 64Kb
  • Programmable from Visual Studio Express 2010 C# (free)  with features like
  • Multi threading
  • Managed code
  • Built on Microsoft micro framework 4.1
  • Hardware debugging!!

The board is just releasing and probably backordered, but for this price it’s worth the wait.

From my point of view, this board will run circles around Arduino and its rather primitive IDE.
The thing I love the most with these boards is the hardware debugging. While the code is running on the board, you can set breakpoints in the code, examine variables, step line by line and see what is going on, -no more serial.Println(value); in an attempt to debug like the Arduino.

So for anyone not scared of new stuff and willing to learn, take a look at the FES Panda.

It can be ordered here

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I left big question thats haunting me in the ,net section of the forum. 

Could you glance at it and tell me what you think about it?

When I have a question on C# or .net (or both!) I believe you are the one that can give me a good answer.