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BJ (Bender Jr)

Stingray.zip - Stingray/MSR1 hardware profile for 12Blocks - Unzip into 12Blocks/hardware folder6.35 KB

BJ is based on the Parallax Stingray robot. I ordered the chassis before I went on vacation. Since I just got back, I hope to build it this weekend. I am planning on using XBEE to control this robot when it is under r/c control. Otherwise it will be an autonomous robot.

The basic architecture will be taken straight out of the the book 'programming and customizing the propeller microcontroller' chapter 5 but instead of using a prop demo board and building a scratch bot, I'm using the stingray chassis for the robot part.

13 SEP 2010

Took a couple of hours to build, including 3 pings. ping demo code did not work looks like p0/p1 are tied to the motors and the pings implement no cooldown to eliminate crosstalk. Fixed that too.

14 SEP 2010

Found a motor driver for the MSR1/Stingray in the parallax Object Exchange. With the help of Hanna Sanders, the author of 12Blocks, the driver is now integrated into 12Blocks and 12Blocks now knows about driving the Stingray's motors. Still in alpha with it, but most of the 12Blocks motion blocks are functional. I will post the drivers and such when it is working completely. Can only set the cruise speed in SPIN, but That is tonight's project to solve.



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This will be included in the next release. Don't know when that will be so take the stingray.zip file and run with it in the meantime. Hanno and I will be supporting it until it makes it into the next release. Still a work in progress, all of the motion blocks save lock motors is funtional.