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Mr Shark Fin Soup

run around, avoid obstacles after bashing into them

This is Mr Shark Fin Soup. Hes a Frits Basic Robot but with a deadly twist. I used the Morphibians Land Shark RC car as the base for this bot. These are great little platforms. They cost about 25 bucks, and theres tons of room on the inside even though i basically had to tear out the guts on mine. Its running a Sharp IR on a Picaxa 28 Beginner Board. This thing is a little more zippy then Fritses i think, so i challenge his beginners bot to a cross country race. Based on its speed, i see it more suited for outdoor use, otherwise youll be getting it off of random objects when it zooms up on them. This bot also decides to used the front of the vehicle as a "sensor". Because of the speed, by the time the sensor tells it to stop, its ramming into the wall. Now that its built and basically debugged, i have to  work out the headlight LEDs to get them to blink when its making a decision, and i have to adjust the sensor so it doesnt run into as many things.

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You probably know this, but if you have any debug statements left in you PICAXE code the processor will run very slowly. So if there is a debug statement left in you code, try to remove it and see if that helps the performance.

I fnished it at midnight, so i was just trying to get some life into him. thanks

I just got one of these morpbhians from the discount bin at the supermarket, it was only $10. It looks very promising. I think it will become the base for a vacuum cleaning robot... it looks sturdy enough for the job, although a bit small...

Im looking to build on eof these (as my first robot) and I was wondering if you send me the code you used... Is it any different because it has  4X4? Im still learning but this and Tenacious A are great concepts for me to learn on, thanks!

the code is the code from fritz's "start here" robot. its 4 wheel drive, but once you pull the cover, youll see its still 2 motors, so the code still works. I would see how to slow the motors down (pwm) cause it is a little zippy. i would also recoment the ultrasonic sensor as the ir gets a lot of false readings. good luck. lets see some pics when you get it finished.