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Chess robot operation via ustream

The chess robot is now up and running via ustream (this doesnt mean its live yet, just that it works). So here is how it goes:

First of all, here is the ustream channel it will be on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/patrickmccb

The commands are as follows:

To move a piece type in the location of the piece, type dash, then type where you want to move it, then the word "move".

Example is: b7-b6 move     

Do it exactly like above and it will work. Do not enter it like "B7-B6 move", "7b-6b move", or "b7b6 move". It must be like the example. Leave no space at the beginning, only put a space before "move". 


Lets say you need to attack a piece, first you need to remove that piece so you can occupy that square. You would need to do this:

Example is: c5-kk move

What the above example does is pick up the piece at c5, then takes it off the board (this is what "kk" does). This way you can remove a piece that you are attacking. Then the robot will move back to start position, which is a8. Then you can move your piece to c5. 


Do not use the word "move" at the end of a sentence unless your moving.

After all moves, the chess robot moves back to start position, a8.

there is no checking to see if a move is legal or if its your turn, so play by the rules. 

Also you probably cant do any special moves like castling, but you could with a lot of moves. 

Have fun! :)


I will post a demonstration video later. (edit. posted :)


UPDATE 09.14.10

To limit chaos, i have now added code so only people with names that i add to the list may play. Basically a certain number of people can play at once (right now 5) so maybe we can get some serious games going. One thing left to do is to prevent someone from putting a piece on top of another one.


UPDATE 09.18.10

You shouldnt be able to put a piece on top of another because the perl script keeps track of the pieces now. But if you mess up a move, i cant undo it, well i might with some extra moves.


UPDATE 02.20.11

There is another video up that shows some things i have added. The key feature in this update is that the code now provides feedback in the ustream chat box. I have also added the ability to have a moderated game or an "free for all" game where any one can play. Watch the second video to see. 


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it works, the problem is the player(human), not the robot

Wow. When I remember where this project started and see how far you have come, I am incredibly impressed. You had a dream to make a chess robot, and now you have made it even better.

You rock, sir!

Thanks. Yes it has been a long journey. 

Looks like your code is getting better and better. More playable. Perhaps we should have another Frontpage Chess Weekend. (Once our webserver can take some extra load...)

Yes it is. Once I write my calibration function I want then we can run the new code through its paces (yes and when the server is snappy again) . Wish I had a better webcam than the one built into my laptop though.