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Nano Sumo (Mechanical)

Eliminates the opponent inside the Nano-Sumo ring

  This is our Nano-Sumo robot. I say "our" because it is a team effort between Patrick McCabe and myself. Here is the link to Patrick's Electronics post. We talked a while and decided to create a bot based upon a team effort. The Nano-Sumo idea was used as it was small... yeah, very small, and we wanted a good challenge since it was a team effort.

  I started the mechanical design back in July. It was decided that I will do the design and build 2-identical Nano-Sumo bots. Patrick was to create the electronics and we would send the parts to each other for the final assembly. I am just posting the mechanical part and you can see Patrick's Nano-Sumo post for the electronics and the completed robot video.



 The Nano-Sumo rules are for a 25mm x 25mm size robot. I looked around for a while and the only gearbox I could find that would fit my working envelope was the SolarBotics #GM-15. Check the datasheet for all the details.

 Here is what you get. 6.0mm diameter x 20mm length planetary gearbox with a pager motor. The output shaft is made for a drive belt. The motor's output shaft comes out on each side of the robot gearbox holder.

  This photo below shows the 2-Nano-Sumo bots exploded. The black part holds the gearboxes and wheels. The rubber o-rings are the tires. They are 12mm diameter x 1.5mm cross section. The axles ride in the brass bushings and are retained by E-type retainer rings. Everything is held together by #2-56 flat head screws.



  The wheels are machined from aluminum with the drive belt grooves also machined as one piece. Axles are 2.39mm diameter steel.



So here is the completed mechanical Nano-Sumo bot .

 As I said earlier in this post, see Patrick McCabe's post of the Nano-Sumo for a complete description af all the electronic components and a video.

 Thanks for looking at our Nano-Sumo robot!




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G'day Gary, yes we could produce the mechanical parts at Daugu if we could get the motors and gearboxes at the right price.

It would be awsome if Dagu could reproduce this kit!


It would be very awesome if Dagu could make these. There are prices reductions on the motors but not by much. The electronics could be made pretty easily too seeing how Dagu makes its own too. I know me and Gary would love to discuss this more with you.

Hey, OB. What about the electronics on  Patrick's Electronics post? I think if the kit could include Patricks' assembled board and also the assembled IR sensor, it would open the kit up to a much wider market.

Men, this is awesome! So tiny! :D Nice to see team projects developed by LMR members! Hope to see it in action!

nice :D someone goes for small, some for big :D

voila un robot tres joli et bien fait mecaniquement ...

Amazing compactness there gary, not much room for error.

I did a double take when i saw the nano size.........

........ this needs to go into production............ guys

Hoi Gareth,

I appreciate your comment on our Nano.

There is little room for anything on this bot. I doubt if I could produce the (10) parts needed for the build for a reasonable price. Everything was custom made in a machine shop. I even had to make the drive belts. They are just 0.4 x 0.4mm in cross section. At $30 USD for the motors the total cost adds up fast.

Patrick had quite a job to do also. The opponent sensor was a purchased kit that needed assembled... all surface mount components.

I am however, still thinking of a means to make them.

I'm fairly certain a manufacturer could set up to reproduce these parts in quantity for a reasonable price. This is a really nice design. I hope you and Patrick are able to take it far!

so, seriously. When do you plan to make a whole bunch of these and start selling them as kits?