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Alright, I guess I gotta get a set of xbee's (Questions)

Really this is just a couple questions. First off, is there any reason not to buy the cheap ones? They start at about 25 bucks and go up to quite a bit. I don't need super-duper solid data, and I will need very little range, can I use the cheap ones? --Also, and I can't believe that I can't find this on the website, but the price I am looking at is for one unit, correct --not a pair? Gimme any thoughts you have.

This is what I am looking at.

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For a few more bucks, you might consider these http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8695 (i had those). I use the adafruit break out board and i like them. Yeah they are sold separately. 

Bottom line, the unit above that you suggest... --You were happy with them? No big problems, no big issues? Would you consider them to be "standard" or "the standard" in terms of xbees and would be happy being plugged into any of the "xbee ready" stuff out there? Happy-slappy?

Yup. I will tell you, the hardest part is getting the settings right(took me 6 months before mine were right). They do not work out of the box, none of them do. But now i am happy and they work flawlessly on my AGV and right now on the chess robot internet control

The ones I have work great and only minor issue with getting it to directly work with the serial port setup I had on my comp. I grabbed a usb adapter, updated the firmware and haven't had an issue since. Works great with comp to xbee and xbee to xbee.

I'm using the PRO version, and they work really well.

Also consider the x-ctu program downloadable from the website http://www.digi.com to setup them properly. This program lets you setup the xbees if they are connected directly to the pc via usb<->ttl (3.3V) cable or rs232<->ttl (3.3V).