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Rename forum board?

I was thinking, maybe the forum name ”FEZ Domino” is a bit to specific. Maybe it should be called “.NET based systems” or something like that. So it’s a place for all .NET related stuff, not just FEZ Domino.

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Personally i would go for RobotFreak’s

.NET based

If you can have boards names starting with a dot?

It's done.

"FEZ and other dotNET boards"?

I agree with Geir, FEZ Domino is to specific. Maybe "ARM based" is more general that ".NET based". That will include more platforms like Cortino, ARMmite and others.


Since I was requesting a forum on the LaunchPad and MSP430 series, I asked rik to add something for FEZ Dominio too. But I'm not familiar with this line of processors, so I definitely bow to Geir's direction on this one. Robot Freak also had some experience.

When I wrote the title, I knew next to nothing about this subject. So all suggestions for a short, generic, sexy forum name are welcome.