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Mini Biped

Vendor's Description: 

Designed as an introduction to robotics. This robot has some autonomous behavior but is also controlled via the supplied universal TV remote making it ideal for younger students.

Using the remote you can make the robot walk forward, backward, turn left or right or stop and kick with either the left or right foot. As the center position of servos can change with temperature, the servos can be calibrated using the remote. New positions are automatically saved in EEPROM.

If the robot detects a nearby object while walking forward it will stop automatically. When stopped, the robot can track the movement of nearby objects and will kick at an object on the ground if it gets too close. The speaker on his back will emmit a warbling sound that changes pitch as the object gets closer or further away.

Using an ATmega8A MCU this robot is Arduino / AVR compatible and comes pre-loaded with the Arduino bootloader and demonstration software. An IR receiver and IR LED connected to the RX and TX pins make IR communications possible.

Spare digital and analog pins are available on the back pack PCB with Vcc and Gnd pins allowing for additional servos and / or sensors to be added.

The robot can be re-programmed using either the TTL serial socket or the ISP socket.

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I am looking for a way to get into "walking" bots without spending a lot and a place called http://www.hobbyking.com/ has this little guy for $39.99. That seems like a small price to pay for a bot with this IR sensor and remote capability. (And being Arduino compatible adds icing to the cake!) I have used this little blue servos before and they work great (like any servo, don't drive them past their limits). Thank you for the wonderful design!

I admit the Bi-ped is difficult to get working well for a walking robot but the Hexapod works very well. The Bi-ped makes a better goal keeper.


Thanks for the tip OddBot! It turns out I have the older remote and I was using the latest manuals from your site.

So for anyone else reading this in the future that has the older remote and want to set it up for the bot:
- Hold down the orange settings button until the LED lights up. (the settings button is the smaller orange button)
- Key in 0 4 9
- The red LED should go off and the control is now setup. 

A while back the factory that makes the remotes updated the chip they use. You may have one of the newer remotes. go to my product support site and download the manual for the Mini-Bots. This kit is an upgrade from the original Bi-Ped kit and has instructions for the newer remote control.


How can I reset the universal remote control? I followed the manual with locking in 322, however I am having some problems with my bot not calibrating at all and just want to rule out the remote control by re entering th 322 code, but I can't do the settings + power = red led thing.

Cool bipedal bot. How much does it cost for the complete kit?

It will depend on the distributors. Hopefully Robot Shop will start selling them soon. Keep an eye on this site:


I love these robots! And I already know how to use the remote to drive them and program new moves :D

Show time! Gotta see the soccer match!