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Lil Jumpa



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Update: Strobe studies - pretty crap as I did not have a strobe, but had to use LED's. But they showed m that Lil Jumpa is lifted up to the height where he's axle / hip is floating in mid air. Not much, but I consider it a jump, for a beginning :)

In principle - if he was strong enough - it would mean that he could go over obstacles of heights up till that point, which is pretty ok.



.. OK, I know my "robots" start to look a little the same lately.

It is a part of a series, trying out some stuff :)

The Dead Kangaroo Fish and The Headhunter where before this.

This time I went for speed & light weight over power, and interlocked arms, only one motor.

Conclusions are many!

Good info, I know :)I will make better info once I get a better result ;)


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I've seen all your proyect, is very good. My dreams is to make one of thist.
could you give more information about how to build please !!!




You've been asking in various forums for mor einfo on how to build. If you are new to robits check out the START HERE link at the top of the page. It links to a few other projects that are written in detail on how to build.

"Robits" - yeah.

Let's make robits


Wow, this research is way better than just sticking a measure thingey in a motor circuit! I like it and I hope you will develop even further.

I am interested in both methods AND products!


1) Awesome, and excellent.

2) Pitch Black memories.

Nice Frits,

very Artsy pictures, how about putting reflective stickers on the legs - might work if you want more contrast - 

personally I like the black and white one and the one above it ... kindof Giger'esque

All of these creatures of yours terrify me. I can just imagine waking up in the middle of the night and hearing something rustling in the dark room, then lightning flashes and I see one of these things scurrying across the floor at me. Oh god :)


Some dark strobe-studies to give you more nightmares :D


Now THAT is good photography!  It looks surreal, a monster in the dark from under your bed....


so cool!!!

you could place one LED in the tip of each leg.. that would be a nice effect   :D