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Lil Jumpa



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Update: Strobe studies - pretty crap as I did not have a strobe, but had to use LED's. But they showed m that Lil Jumpa is lifted up to the height where he's axle / hip is floating in mid air. Not much, but I consider it a jump, for a beginning :)

In principle - if he was strong enough - it would mean that he could go over obstacles of heights up till that point, which is pretty ok.



.. OK, I know my "robots" start to look a little the same lately.

It is a part of a series, trying out some stuff :)

The Dead Kangaroo Fish and The Headhunter where before this.

This time I went for speed & light weight over power, and interlocked arms, only one motor.

Conclusions are many!

Good info, I know :)I will make better info once I get a better result ;)


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Cool work, Fritsl!


This little buddy look´s very agressive..   hehe 

I must try polymorph!!  It´s already in my wish list!!

keep up fritsl  ;)

A high speed camara is what I want! :)
I want a zigBee transciever    :D

All of these creatures of yours terrify me. I can just imagine waking up in the middle of the night and hearing something rustling in the dark room, then lightning flashes and I see one of these things scurrying across the floor at me. Oh god :)


Some dark strobe-studies to give you more nightmares :D


so cool!!!

you could place one LED in the tip of each leg.. that would be a nice effect   :D

Yeah.. only.. there is something about the wires getting twisted .. ;)

LoL     you´re right!!    I haven´t though about that   :p