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100% up to date on everything

Frits made a big deal in the shout box today after I posted that I had caught up with ALL the forum posts. He suggested I make a blog about it, so here you go, Frits!

There was a little "easter egg" suprise message that comes up when you have no unread posts.

Here's the surprise for you, Frits. I actually hit this once before, when I first joined LMR. It's a lot harder to do now that we have so many active members posting.

So thanks to all of you for making LMR an exciting, interesting, supportive and thriving community! That's why 'All LMR are belong to us'.

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I'd make a new secret mesage there, if only I could remember where it was that I am supposed to edit that stuff :D

And personally I did not see this message for over a year. At least! Never thought any one would ever see it!

Did any one else see it?

Me too :-)


How do you guys do that? Damn, you must be clicking a lot!

We .. erh, You should make 100%-club! :D

I've been away a lot lately, but whenever I'm home I try to catch up on all the LMR happenings - I'm not happy if I have to leave town again with posts unread =)

Grats IG on joining the compulsive LMRtians club =D