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12Blocks Now supports Parallax Robot Control Board (MSR1) used in Parallax Stingray Robot

As of this morning, roboteers who use the Parallax MSR1 (Robot Controll Board) in their robots and use the built in motor ports can now use 12Blocks to directly drive their robot.

It uses a modified version of the SRMotorControl Object found in the Parallax Object Exchange (slight modifications to accommodate the 12Blocks motor protocols

There is a new hardware profile called Stingray (May change to MSR1) available from your 12Blocks screen. When saved to RAM or EEPROM, The drivers are loaded into your robot and away it goes.

If you are NOT using the h-bridges built into the MSR1, you don't need this code. If you ARE using the h-bridges, this will greatly simplify your ability to develop 12Blocks programs that will drive your robot almost as a plug and play device.

Since the drivers are still in alpha and there are a couple of issues that remain to be addressed, I will post the details about how to go about enabling the MSR1 profile when these issues get worked out. (only really needs to have the set speed function added)


Disclaimer: As a customer of 12Blocks. I get no gain out of my association with 12Blocks, or its author Hanna Sanders other than better support for 12Blocks in general, which is what every customers gets. I do talk with Hanna about issues relating to 12Blocks and he has been very supportive of my needs.