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rc tracked monster vehicle

climbs hills, plows my garden...
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I have already had electric and gas rc cars, buggy, monster truck... And I wanted to build my self a tracked monster that could go quite fast, climb about anywhere, something unstopable... So I started to build a tracked monster. I started by the electric system.

it will be about 25 kilos, 60cm long, 30cm wide and 25cm high.

The whole system is is controlled by only two servos.

It will have one motor for each track, steel chassis, golf caddy battery, tracks made of timing belts and U alumunium profile, transmission by car' s water pump...

motors are 12V 24Amps at stall and 6Amps running free.

At this point I have only finished the electric system and I am going to start the chassis, tracks and suspension soon.


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I'm sure it was great to see it running. Maybe you can shoot some video of it moving on concrete before you make changes.

Here's a great start to h-bridges on LMR, the H-Bridge Matrix. GroG collected the wisdom of quite a few LMR members in this post.

There you go for the video. Its with the others, above.

Whoa! She moves like a bat out of hell! Very fast!

The track length is pretty long, which does make turning a little harder. Not that you want to do a major chassis rebuild (again), but you if you can shorten the length of track in contact with the ground, it will be easier to turn. You could add a set of smaller road wheels in a shorter row below the current wheels.

You can see on this picture how that is fairly common on tanks.

It turns better on earth and grass and it has a better clearence. I' m still missing the belts for the gearing 4:1 instead of 2:1, that should make it untopable.


Wow that looks so bad-ass! I'm glad my suggestion worked! Congratulations on an excellent robot build.

Other than re-gearing for 4:1, do you have any other plans for this monster?

Well, I' d like to find a bodywork for it, that would be funny and it would look like a real rc car.

Thanks for your help

Thanks Chris and Korel, I hope this time everything is going to work out fine... I' m waiting for gearings for the transmission. It already weighs 13 kg. I'm doing my best for welding...

It is just simply nice to see another welder around here. And it is nice to see a guy who can appreciate a well made jig to speed up your production process. Nice work, looking forward to more videos.

Hi, I realy enjoy watching your progres my friend,it looks realy strong and powerful. Yes belts have tendancy to loosen and slip,sprokets and chain should be lots better to me. Your chassis is well made,I guess you're doing your welding too. Keep up the good work my friend :)

Wow,it is really coming together. I can't wait to see it in action.

FYI, you should probably edit your main post to include the pictures, rather than put the pics in a comment. As more people comment, the pictures will be further and further away from the main body of your post.