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rc tracked monster vehicle

climbs hills, plows my garden...
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I have already had electric and gas rc cars, buggy, monster truck... And I wanted to build my self a tracked monster that could go quite fast, climb about anywhere, something unstopable... So I started to build a tracked monster. I started by the electric system.

it will be about 25 kilos, 60cm long, 30cm wide and 25cm high.

The whole system is is controlled by only two servos.

It will have one motor for each track, steel chassis, golf caddy battery, tracks made of timing belts and U alumunium profile, transmission by car' s water pump...

motors are 12V 24Amps at stall and 6Amps running free.

At this point I have only finished the electric system and I am going to start the chassis, tracks and suspension soon.


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New chassis


tension system on the front

transmission on the back




The tracks aren' t working at all.
The belts are not a good system. I have made new ones with bicycle chains, looks much better. I' m making a simple system with no suspension or other complicated stuff...

With tracks, the shorter the better, also the farther they are apart the better they seem to work. I've have had very good results using bike chain for tracks before, especially the kind with bent tabs...

It takes awhile to put the chain together since every link is a connecting link, but everything you do with tracks is going to take long. As with any time you use tracks you should plan on some way of adjustable tensioning.

I never seen this kind of chain link. You have to put a normal chain link between each fast link? That's hard work!

"From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success".

I continue ot enjoy watching your progress.

I cut the old chassis and started a new one,

I only have 2 wheels for each track and I found 2 super powerfull motors from car ventilating system! fotos coming tomorrow.

1:27, "holes are strait", and dire straits are playing :D

I never built such a thing, hope it works. Thanks

Excellent work thus far. I tried using aluminum sprockets and industrial timing belts myself for NINA's treads...then I found out that my robot's particular application didn't require so much weight. The local rubber belt company even custom-made tracks for me out of the goodness of their hearts...I didn't pay them a thing, but it was really expensive for them and the tracks never worked on my robot. The sprockets were way too heavy and bulky. This required the motors to be huge wheelchair motors with a 25 lbs battery, steel frame, and...well it wasn't exactly friendly looking (NINA is supposed to be a social robot to interact with people...but when she ways over 200 lbs and knocks over curio cabinets, well you get the point).

I can clear see that what you're building requires this application though. I appluad you for getting these belts and sprockets to work! Hmm...maybe I'll save those custom tracks and sprockets and build a monster myself.

Good luck and congratulations on your progress!

Those tracks turned out bad-ass! Should have plenty of grip on grass and dirt.