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rc tracked monster vehicle

climbs hills, plows my garden...
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I have already had electric and gas rc cars, buggy, monster truck... And I wanted to build my self a tracked monster that could go quite fast, climb about anywhere, something unstopable... So I started to build a tracked monster. I started by the electric system.

it will be about 25 kilos, 60cm long, 30cm wide and 25cm high.

The whole system is is controlled by only two servos.

It will have one motor for each track, steel chassis, golf caddy battery, tracks made of timing belts and U alumunium profile, transmission by car' s water pump...

motors are 12V 24Amps at stall and 6Amps running free.

At this point I have only finished the electric system and I am going to start the chassis, tracks and suspension soon.


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It's really just the beginning


With that 12A battery and each of your motors drawing 24A at stall, you had best include a 12A fuse on the battery.

it can deliver 12A for an hour, wich means it can also deliver 24A for 30 minutes, or 36A for 20 minutes...

For my test I was using a 20A fuse and was running  one motor with about 20A consumption and seems good...

This is the battery I'm going to use:

SLA 12V 12amp/h, 3,9 kg

I first wanted to use a 24amp, but 9,5 kg! And it has to fit in the chassis.

I hope it will have enough autonomy...


Yes, thanks! I will think about that...


Sorry again, lets go back to robots...

I was looking for an idea to make wheels to go inside the tracks, to support the weight of the chassis, I first thought of skateboard wheels or castorweels but they are quite expensive. And I found this polyamide cylinder for 3,95 euros (5,16 dollars) on Conrad.fr. Only need to cut it and drill it properly! This is used to make castorwheel rims, it is very hard and looks very resistant. It may be usefull for others... Exists in many sizes

I posted a while back about some bomb squad robots.

The 2nd robot I saw actually used rubber tracks stretched over four rubber tires. I wonder if this approach might work for you.

This bomb squad robot looks good, and big!

I have a beginning of an idea for transmission:

little belt between motor and axe, bearing, and the big belt (I won't put this one, it's cut) turning against the floor with alumunium U not shown here. The tracks won't have the same shape of bomb squad robot.

That looks like it is going to be one fine looking track system. Will you include a method to tension the tracks? This could be important, especially as the rubber tracks wear.