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rc tracked monster vehicle

climbs hills, plows my garden...
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I have already had electric and gas rc cars, buggy, monster truck... And I wanted to build my self a tracked monster that could go quite fast, climb about anywhere, something unstopable... So I started to build a tracked monster. I started by the electric system.

it will be about 25 kilos, 60cm long, 30cm wide and 25cm high.

The whole system is is controlled by only two servos.

It will have one motor for each track, steel chassis, golf caddy battery, tracks made of timing belts and U alumunium profile, transmission by car' s water pump...

motors are 12V 24Amps at stall and 6Amps running free.

At this point I have only finished the electric system and I am going to start the chassis, tracks and suspension soon.


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I hope the garden wasn't planted !   Nice speed, it can double as a roto-tiller. Really like your home-built tracks and chassi - Have you gone MOSFET yet?  And if so, what are you plaining for brains?

No brains, no... Thats not my thing. I prefer controlling my self, the base of the project was R/C. No MOSFET, only autobobile relays, micro swiches and high gauge cables! Glad you like it


Some on this site might argue that without autonomous capability your robot is not a robot.

I am not one of those people. Robot building requires a range of talents, and you had demonstrated quite a few with your build. Congrats!

Although I admit I'd love to see this monster driving around on its own, if that is not your thing, it does not matter. I've truly enjoyed watching it come to life, and maybe you will inspire some other builders to go further and reach higher. Rock on.

How are you gonna introduce the suspensions? It looks like you attached the wheels to the chassis, it doesn't looks like an easy task to change that

I first wanted to have suspension and fancy stuff, but I realized it was very dificult and this was my first robot, so I decided to make something easy. Maybe on the next one...

here is the latest video (above)

Thanks for the great video. It is very cool to see your tank in action. It certainly handles well over rough terrain. It's been nice following your progress.

Nice job my friend :)  I love those tracks as well. Powerful tank,lots of progress have been made,keep it up :)

Nice track! Nice motors!! For the machine like this, I'd control it manually to prevent my base got destoried.

Hey man, you stole my idea :-D I want to make one too, but have no time... Simply great work ;-)

I haven't read the whole chat, so I don't know if you have already said it... Where are the two motors from?