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Solarbotics Sold Out LMR Start Here Kit

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JAKTEK, my little site.

Similar pricing (currently a New Product promotional discount right now), pretty much a clone of the Solarbotics kit. No LMR sticker sheet though :( Working on it getting those into the kit, however.

The ALABTU coupon code at checkout will net the savvy a 5% discount as well. Shipping is via UPS or Flat Rate USPS.

I contacted solarbotics to see when they were going to restock the kit but they said that they can't because their supplier has discontinued the IR sensors that they used for the kit. Can this be fixed?

If not does anyone know where to get parts for this robot at a low price?

How many kits has been sold?

I've made the calculation for an Arduino based start here robot, ending up at the same price. Should I write a tip&walkthrough for it? Than Solarbotics could offer a second kit.

I've been working on an Arduino version for the Start Here robot too. That's one of the reasons I've created the Robot Builder's Shield and later the uBotino board. I think the uBotino will be the cheaper solution, as an Arduino + Shield gets more expensive. Anyway, if you want to get ahead and "translate" the code, be my guest, it will bear your signature, as my boards bear mine. After all, this is a community, not a one person does all site.

I will be opening an eStore soon (Ro-Bot-X Designs), offering LMR Arduino Start Here robots, with the same commission going to LMR from selling the kits. All the money that I'll make from it will go to future robotics projects. Depending on the sales volumes, sponsoring and donations may happen. As soon as I will get the uBotino boards I'll send a kit for review.


Good point, Ro-Bot-X, you bring up here. The biggest problem for me at the moment is to find a usefull motor controller. Your motor shield is the most versatile one. That would save an extra shield for sensors and servos.

We are not sure how many kits are sold, this is why we keep searching for someone who has just purchased one, they each have a card with a number on them. That represents the amount sold :)

However, it is somewhere in the hundreds at this point.

An Arduino version would be fabulous!! We are not quite covering expenses at this point.  If we could sell more, we could make money to do more cool stuff. We want to make a little profit, so we can share out, competitions or something. And I know that Solarbotics would be interested, so yer! PM me if we should talk about this.

They said they'll be up again next week

I see this as good news :-)  LMR gets a "commission" for each sale doesn't it? More importantly, it might mean I won't be the newest "new guy" any more ;-)