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How to find what parts to use for my robot???

I am a 12th std student and so don't know how to make the inside of a robot, which I am making to take part in my schools annual robo-wars competetion. If i post the design and purpose of my robot ,is there any chance that you can please help me? 

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Here's a good link for you


This is a veeeery elaborate walk-through, but read at least a couple of chapters and skim the rest. Then you'll have an idea what kind of parts there should be inside a combat robot and what kind of materials and shapes to think of.

When you've done that, we'll be happy to help you out with specific questions.

Just keep in mind that a good combat robot is expensive to make, and just as expensive to maintain ('cause for some odd reason the other contestants try to destroy your lovely machine).

And don't let the intelligence elitist ruffle your feathers. We love a good build here at LMR, bring it on.

We are always curious about what ou are making. Read the rules before posting, but do post!
Autonomous, my donkey!

under robot I understand something with his own inteligens... RC cars are simple toys, in no such way to be a robot.... still don't know why should an RC car be a robot...


But this site is more for autonomous robots than RC cars with axes.