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robot without motor driver


I would like to know whether it is possible to run two motors without an motor driver ,because i have an microcontroller

who only gives the motors 50 mA and thats not enough. Maybe with a Transistor circuit which increases the engines.

I also build one,but it would be nice to hear your comments.

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yeah thats ok... I don't need to brake in our type of competition... here are no 90 graded angle turns just curves... this is nice... if you want I could help you with the circuit ;) just PM me :)

first of all, thanks for the tips,

i have decided to make a motor driver , but if i don't get it,i'll buy some motor driver ics. :D

And djhesit8? Did you use the transistors for your line-follower robot?

I also checked the side where you got the circuit.  Its a very good circuit i think,because i also build and tested it.

you can use two high gain transistors... thats it... thats how I use it too, but you will have only forward direction, no reverse

Search this site for h-bridge matrix and you will find a collection of circuits for home-built h-bridges.

If you only need your motor to spin one direction, you could just use a portion of the h-bridge circuit. In other words, not an h-bridge, but the transitors identified in these examples might be good choices for you, as would the use of flyback diodes, etc.

You can also drive a motor in one direction using some transistors, and reverse the direction using a relay controlled by another microcontroller output. Some more searches on this site may yield some useful examples.