Let's Make Robots!

Patience is a virtue...

Shame I'm not so good at it >.<

Wifey put the orders in for my parts (she's paying for them as my 40th birthday present), so it's just a matter of time before I dive in and swim in the sea of robotics.

Well, dunk a toe in the shallows at least ;-).

First bot will be a variation on the LMR Start Here robot, but with tracks instead of wheels.


update 17/9/10: first 2 packages arrived, last one despatched today

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Good luck! Come on in, the water's fine.

That reminds me of a joke about some guy living next to a polluted pond. He walks out one day and sees a guy drinking from the pond. He rushes to him and yells "don't drink that water, don't drink that water!" The other guy responds "Was sagen sie bitte?" And he answers "Mit zwei handen trinken!"

Sorry for that, Dutch/German joke :)

I think I get it, but I doubt it is as funny as it should be when you have to use google translate.

Hi There!

Patience sucks and your wife will regret buying you robot stuff. It will keep you up nights in a row :)

So that's less time to do the painting and mowing the lawn once you get your last parcel in.....

its so wierd that is the exact same idea as i had i am doing the start here robot but with tracks instead

what tracks are you using? i am using the tamiya track and wheel set it's only like £9 although postage to uk's alot so i am buying it from the robot shop with a bunch of other stuff :)