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Polymorphing a Webcam

Today I decided that my Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX webcam needs upgrades. I got the camera, some polymorph, plumber's tape, hot glue and couple of servos. Let's see what we get when we put those together.

Ooops! I forgot to take a picture of the original camera. If you have never seen a Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX webcam there's some pictures of it at least here. There's might be some pics at Logitech site too but since this is a discontinued model they could be hard to find.

Let's take polymorph and plumber's tape first. Add those two together and you get this:

Polymorph plus plumber's tape equals weird thingy

Add two servos, more plumber's tape and hot glue and it looks like this:

Oh and there's a nut and a bolt too!

Place that onto the original stand and this is what you get:

Hot glue makes it stand on the stand

Then put the camera to its place and you're done:

Side view

Looking up

Looking down

The other side

Front view

I did some modifications to my LMR soccer bot control demo and polymorphed it to a camera controller. Now I have a nice pan tilt camera. I must say this is the best toy I've had in a very long time :-)

Last but not least, remember kids: Safety first when using hot glue or your little finger will look like this:

Hot glue wanted a piece of my little finger.

That's all folks. Sorry for the lack of text but in this case I think pictures speak for themselves.


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Nice! :)

what did you use the plumbers tape for?  I cant see it.


and what did you make the bracket out of?

In this case I was referring to metal strapping kind of plumber's tape not the teflon tape used to seal pipe threads (picked up the term here & here). Maybe I should use the term metal strapping for now on. It's more accurate anyway.

So the bracket is made out of metal strapping, hot glue and M6 (I think it's M6, found it in my random stuff box) nut and bolt. Nut isn't there tightly (too tight and it would hinder the movement). It's just keeping the metal strapping in place if/when I cut the bolt shorter.


Love the polymorph, but hates the hot glue. I never use it and feel that it looks sloppy in every project where it is visible.
Great idea but it would probably look a bit better if you made more of the brackets using polymorph.

Hot glue does look a bit sloppy. However aesthetics wasn't the first priority on this one. I just quickly put it together. The polymorph part came out surprisingly good looking though (if you ask me). A little more shaping and it would be perfect. That cable holder part gave it a nice touch too, IMHO.


My hot glue gun might not be good then, I get loads of glue on my hands and don't get burns.

Depends if you want burns or not ;-) My hot glue gun gets pretty hot after a while and in this case I gave it a bit extra time to heat up so I would have more time to place servos (more or less) correctly on the stand. Of course I managed to dip my little finger in a puddle of scalding hot glue.

BTW, I seem to be quite an expert in burning myself. Not more than 15 min ago I burned a fingertip with soldering iron. If I keep burning my fingers at this rate very soon I will have no fingerprints and then I'll become a supervillain. Muahahahahaa!