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Open international Offline competitions on a robotics!



Site "the Robotics-our the future..." Begins a set of participants for "Opened Offline competitions on a robotics", in a direction "Following on a line". All interested persons are invited, the age is not limited.

Competition conditions:

With 18. 09. 2010 on 31. 10. Possibility to find the scheme is given to 2010 you, to collect and debug your robot. Carrying out terms can change.

That is required from you: to unpack a line (to DOWNLOAD the LINE), to remove video, to lay out it on YouTube, to send on an E-mail: melnik1412@yandex.ru the reference to video, and the small description of the robot to wait and hope for a victory! And еслы you have become interested, and to invite the friends.

- вет range - white.
- Colour of a line – black.
- Width of a line - 20 mm, the size of all track - 12 sheets A4

Rules resolve a space on 5 mm from edges! If it will be revealed that these sizes are overestimated, the participant acts in film from competition.

The robot:
- The maximum width of the robot of 20 sm, length - 20 see
- The robot should be independent.

Rules of selection of the winner:

- On passage of a distance the unlimited quantity of attempts is given to each command.
- In offset the best time from attempts is accepted.
- The winner will declare the command which has spent for overcoming of a distance the least time.

We will be very glad to see people from different points of the world, the main thing all are united by one idea, to participate, win and get acquainted with each other on better! 

I wish all good luck! Participate and win =)

(The administrator: I apologise if not there has created a theme, move it where follows =))
Official site: http://rassionrobots.ucoz.ru/index/offline_sorevnovanija/0-43

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i have few questions:
- can i attend with more than 1 robot?
- can robot built from lego mindstorms take part in competition?

2. Robots can be collected from everything.
1. If you had in view of to expose more than 1 robot one of two, with the best time will be included only.

Maximum size - 20x20cm (width/lenght)

They was 20x20 before :) ??? maybe 30x30?

uPs XP

 They was 20x20 before :) 

Yes,, 30х30.  ))

if next year will be hold one :) than I'll participate :) this way I can't cause no budget :(

maybe 3-4 months ;D

Nooo... ))

I have filmed my video. It is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK7PmM0Yd5E

I will be competing for audience award only, as my LineIronBot does not meet the specifications: it is way longer than 20cm. :D

Sergey, I will mail you some info on my robot in russian soon.

Thanks, all has received and has laid out on page of competitions! The robot remarkable =) can be corrected the Sizes;)

People, join us, be not afraid of itself to show!

I think this is a great idea. A robotics competition with fairly strict rules but without all the expense of travelling.

Unfortunately, cheating may be a bit too easy... But I believe this is really just an engineering problem. Maybe the organizers could send some kind of a standard time and size reference to be included in the video. This system can also be gamed, but the point is to make cheating harder than playing by the rules.

Also, you need to find someone who speaks English a little bit better.