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CD Scout

It goes forward until it sees an obstruction and then turns towards the next most promising direction and goes forward again



This is my first bot I made with a blank CD as the body.  I was reading on the "Start Here" bot and just thought i would go with that, but i needed more room for my extra battery pack for the 2nd circuit.  This is the very first time i have used a soldering iron.  It is pretty easy once you get through those first few trial runs.  there is a 2nd deck where i put a piece of sturdy metal over the 2 motors to add another layer for the 3-battery battery pack and board to sit on.

 It's a picaxe 28x1 and all the hardware mentioned in the start here bot.

 I had a working robot before, without the cd about 1 week ago, but i used too heavy a guage wire for the 2 motors, and after switching things around once or twice, i weakned the contacts on the motor too much and they all 4 snaped off....

 This thing is coded at the moment, just like the start here bot except it stops and turns when things are 30 units away instead of 70 and turns at 600 rather than 300.  he kept commiting suicide with it coded like it originally was.

I'm excited on where i may go from here!

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good job man solid robot!
Video! :D
Awesome! Definitely gives me hope for my first bot, which should be soon.  Props on the use of the CD, that is ingenious.