Let's Make Robots!

Robot family picture

This is my complete robot family. 24 robots so far. Build over the last 15 years. Some of them are dead or incomplete. But most of them works.

A higher resolution image can be found in my flickr album, including tags of every single robot.




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That's an impressive array of innovation and ingenuity. Rock on!


Don't you ever reuse parts? Wow!

When I made my first robot I tried to build it so that I could reuse at least some parts. After making a couple more I started to think that they are part of my family. I can't rip them apart. So now I'm getting new parts for all of my new robots.

And nice family there RobotFreak :-) I have only 3 on my table as one of my robots was a gift and the fifth is under construction.


Thank you guys. Yes I do reuse parts, sometimes. But it breaks my heart when I rip off one of my little creatures.

Glad I am not the only one that feels like he is killing one of his creations if he re-uses parts :D

Very nice!

It seems you have an army of robots there...

oddbot me too .

Thanks to all. After I made the pictures, I decided to rip off 5 robots for parts, leaving 5 robots, I'm most working with, at my working place. The rest is now safely packed into 2 big containers.

wow, that black tracks robot looks awesome and ur big monster truck is beast

The black track robot is the Spy toy ATV-360. You can find a video in my blog. Voodoobot has done a nice robot based on it. Mine is unfinished. Don't know when I find the time. But the platform is really great for robot building, the tracks are of good quallity.

The big RC car is a cheap Humvee 1:18 scale model. Also unfinished. The problem with it is: the steering servo uses it's own interface. I didn't found out how it's been working (some kind of analog voltage). This servo needs to be replaced  with a standard servo, before I can be used  :-(