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IP Camera based robot



I recently purchase some motorized ip – cams from Foscam.

I was thinking to place them around my house so I could access them from the web.

This camera come with a lot of functions and options ,its also have a relay for alarms and sensors.

After a little research I discover that it`s basically a linux on an ARM chip with a JTAG option on the pcb.

What is really good about the Foscam brand is that they have good technical support and they releasing a new firmware version very often.

Also there is complete PDF file that document all the CGI commands that this camera support.

The one thing that is really important for robotics is this CGI command :


With this command one can ‘tell’ the camera to send a serial info to its serial port (JTAG) and this serial port can be connected to any other mcu via serial.


After I finish this R&D about the camera serial port it`s time for the chassis,and this is my victim:


It has a rechargeable 7.2v battery and a motor controller with a h-bridge that is easily can be hacked and its also a all terrain .

The motor controller:


I look for a close data sheet for this chip and realized where to connect the forward,backward,left and right insted of the desoldered chip (I put a socket).


And then the final preparations before the final construction:

After construction:



What I need to do next:

1.Create a nice web UI and overcome the problem that browsers don’t except AJAX from another domain(I will make a iframe instead)

2.Put a good rechargeable battery.

3.Try to find a solution to pass parameters from MCU to camera and then to web UI.




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Step 4: Let me know when we can put your interface on the front page of the site, and let us all take a drive :D

Nice work. And cool car btw! :)

how well does it turn with all those wheels?

Actualy not so well .

Its has a good off road Passability but not so good turning.

Its just some rc vehicle that I took from my son had laying around.

Excellent job,

I'd very much like to see your source code, even if incomplete. For bothe the mcu and the web interface. Also the unit does have an audio input on it, as long as the returned data is not too complicated it would be an easy thing to implement. Not as cool as reprogramming the camera but should work.


could you send me a copy of the code and gui that you made,i have foscam cameras and will like to try it thanks tom

Such a nice stuff. I'm working on the same thing. As I see You've changed WebUi somehow. Could You tel me how? I extracted the WebUI in folder but haven't play with yet. Actually there is one project about Foscam - openipcam.com. Guys there digging the firmware for the Foscam cameras, so it would be helpful.


Great Job.  I did similiar build using a Dagu Rover 5 Chassis and Trex jr controller with the same camara.  Added a pair of recharable batteries for both the controller/motor power and the camera power and now watch the kids in the yard from the comfort of my chair.  I found an app for the iPhone/iPad called Foscam Pro that has a great interface that also makes the audio function.  Realising you probably want to build your own interface it might give you some ideas.

can you post more information help me to do this

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