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jklug80 Pinewood Car


I am a newbie that stumbled across this site looking for ideas on a motor driven pinewood derby car.  So my question is about the materials.  I have spotted a motor and switches at Radio Shack, but I am having a problem finding gears and how to mount the axle with either bearings or bushings.  

I know this is more hardware related info and not robot, but I understand the robot side of it.  

I want to say that the two switch idea was brilliant...I was already planning on a "bumper switch", but had planned to just have a simple on/off switch to activate everything, but the switch on the bottom is brilliant in its simplicity.


Thanks in advance,

Scott B.

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Easiest to do is to forget about external gears and buy yourself a pair of gearmotors. These already have the gearing attached, and are much easier to work with. If you buy individual gears you have to very precisely get them all lined up, which takes considerable time and effort. 

Search this site or the 'Net for gearmotor, and you will see what I mean.

Or check out the start here robot, which will provide a lot of guidance, even if you want to build something else.