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Terminator drones are finally here

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By definition, a drone is an unarmed vehicle used for target practice. Arming it makes it another critter altogether. It's probably not your fault, the media misuses the term too. On the other hand, if we can say anything we want to mean anything we want, it all becomes meaningless.


Drones can be many things....yes they can be used for target practice...but then, thats just a flying target....with enough abstraction,  you can get to the core of what a drone is....and how it is defined....unmaned, remote controled aircraft....

this is just so old... everything new they aded is the recover and fly throw dinamic object...why would this be as a terminator? omg, it can be used in salvage or by 911 for surveilance or even home protection pf

On a bigger scale, it could carry a considerable explosive payload and in the future, who knows what sort of ranged weapons will be designed for this kind of machine. The military has been looking into this concept for a while. I guess everyone knows about the armed USAF Predator Drones:


Now it's been proven that they can be made fully autonomous. I only used the term terminator as a joke, jeez.

Also, it's amazing how the guys at that University managed to pull this off. They have utilised their IMU efficiently and to its full extent, unlike other projects with IMUs that are only capable of self-stabilization.