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Djeff-209 MkI

navigate via ultrasound
djeff209v1.bas3.11 KB

Djeff-209 is my first robot, based on the LMR Start Here robot.

I swapped out the wheels for tracks, and an SRF05 ultrasonic in place of the Sharp IR sensor.

At first, Djeff would try to avoid invisible objects, so I simply added an additional range check before initiating collision avoidance (I was getting "ghost returns" from the SRF05).

Articles (and code) I used to get off the ground:

"How to make your first robot" and "How to connect SRF05 to Picaxe 28 pin Project Board".

My code is attached.

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Congrats! Good basic SHR. It looks well constructed. 

Now it's time to add more features or take what you learned and build something new!

Nice my friend,looks like my first robot too....but yours is cleaner and your wires aren't a mess like mine.

One question....since I'm still learning programming languages. In you code,you didn't have to declare the pins for your motors as high and low? I was looking for pin4 to pin7 but you're using A and B. Can you explain please? Thanks and congrat for your robot,I like the servo movements.

Hi, and thanks :-)

I used the "forward " and "backward" commands instead of the "high" and "low", it was easier to type ;-)

The "A" and "B" refer to the motors.

So, "Forward A" means "high 4 : low 5"; "Forward B" means "high 6 : low 7".

Same idea for the "Halt A"; you're actually saying "low 4 : low 5".


Thanks for your fast reply my friend. Yes that's easier,I didn't know those were command. I've tried your code on my robot,just had to switch the motors wiring. Did you try the Frits clean_navigation code,it works fine to me. Keep up the good work.

even i used clean_navigation for my SHR..it worked great for my robot..