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Before I start making and sharing videos: Which video service would you recommend? I noticed that lmr accepts several: "The following services are provided: Blip.tv, Brightcove, Dailymotion, Google, JumpCut, Live Video, MetaCafe, MySpace, Revver,Sevenload, YouTube". Does my video service have to be in that list. Or would it also be possible to embed vimeo, which isn't on the list?

What about picture and sound quality? Does it differ much among providers? And what to think of service, speed of uploading/recoding, supported formats?

Rik, vlogging newbie-wannabee

update 19 nov:

Tried to use blip.tv but, like oddbot, it wouldn't take. I uploaded a video, copy/pasted blip's embed code (legacy player) into the first LMR video field, but after clicking submit, LMR froze. Will try different options now.

blip, using the player for "most blogs and web sites", I guess that means flash.

Uhhhh, I am sure I did not upload any Bollywood...

The second attempt copy/pasted the embed code from the video page on blip, rather than from blip's upload page. Only one option here. => nothing!

Third attempt, same embed code, but allowfullscreen now changed to false. => nothing

4th: let's see why youtube works, while blip fails. What are the differences (in embed code). Hmm, I see a lot of differences. youtube encloses the embed tags in object tags with param tags. Not something I would like to experiment with. back to the original bollywood links. Maybe blip needs to correct it on their end. Wait and see.

5th: changing embedded video on LMR is not easy either. It keeps telling the "ID" of the video. Even after I deleted the entire string and submitted. But only for youtube vids.

I give up on blip. Something sucks. I assume it is the content filter on LMR.

Update 4 dec: metacafe is rumoured to work well on LMR.

update 10 jan 2009: LMR videos are getting syndicated and embedded more and more. Remember to put some artwork, titles, branding, whatever in the picture to remind the viewers where to go for the original stuff: here!

Youtube offers "annotations" that allow you to put in such a reminder after the fact. Even when you forgot to include it in the original edit Oddbot! And of course, you should always use the youtube tagging system. I prefer "letsmakerobots.com" and "lmr". Make it one word Chris!

update 11 jan:

just a quick experiment with annotations before I write this walk through...

update 31 oct:

LMR-II improved some of our video features. The official list of supported video sites now is: Blip.tv, Brightcove, Dailymotion, Google, JumpCut, Live Video, MetaCafe, MySpace, Revver, Sevenload, Vimeo, Youku, YouTube.

Notice Youku.com in the list. It is specially added for Oddbot, so he can share his videos with us again, now that he lives behind the Great Firewall of China.

Also notice that blip.tv is still a lie: it shows the wrong video. But thanks to the "watch on blip.tv" link, you can now check that for yourself.

update 25 nov:

blip.tv has been repaired! The experiment below is now the correct one.

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Just watched Youtube and Metacafe side by side. Not much difference, except Metacafe shows the darker scenes a bit better. Resolutions seems similar. Mind you, the input file was only 320x240.


The biggest difference seems to be that the Metacafe one spools smoothly whilst YouTube keeps stopping.


What are the thoughts on the actual video quality? Has anyone tried multiple services to compare compression quality and clarity?

I just recently uploaded a video to google that I created with Imovie. I wasn't too happy with the results of the qualitiy of the vid after google did whatever they did. This was also the first time I've used IMovie, which doesn't allow much control over any compression settings(that I'm aware of). 

I am a YouTuber, it works better in the end (not to mention I can upload directly from iMovie)
me too

I'm guessing Google is now officially out of the race. Ant would concur.

I tried to embed Vimeo in a post, but failed, so I'm also guessing that unlisted services are out as well.

Depends what you want to do. Does vimeo serve embedded video clips? Personally, I've only ever used YouTube, which isn't on the list. It's very widely used.

uhh, yes it is

and vimeo seems to offer embed links