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scara robot arm with vision

scara with vision
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The fascination nowadays is that I could put in “cost ” 30€ or 30.000€.
30€ because the plates are free old floor panels and a china hobby servo is 3€. The arduino
is single sided PCB made with toner transfer method, the software is open source .
30.000€ because it can easily replace a worker. This was my motivation.
In a factory in the year 2009  !!  I had to pick rings and place them, nothing  else, the whole day
So I had time to dream, I dreamed that the next time I have to do a so stupid job
I will bring my robot arm with me. It can be mounted with a clamp on the table.
A Netbook for 200€ can power the webcam an the servos by USB. No additional Power source is needed.  
question : is it a toy or a tool ?

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Very nice indeed!!

Which software are you using to control your SCARA-arm? Excuse the tautology :)

Great work. BTW your robot arm is on make:online. Congratulations.

I didn't notice before what the meaning of the name SCARA is.

I like the way it grabs the object

Love Artificial Vision works.... Very nice bot ;-)

That's a very nicely implemented robot. Definitely not a toy.

Nice work.